Astrology is becoming more and more popular these days. Pisces, Libra, Scorpio… Many French people consider the astrological sign important. Dating apps have been specially created to date people according to their sign. But if Western astrology is the most democratized in France, it is however not the only one to exist.

And yes, many cultures have their own astrology. From the Celtics, to the Mongols, via the Creoles, discover the 12 different astrologies in our slideshow, available below. You will find your astrological sign for each of them.

Practiced in the four corners of the globe, astrology is a science that is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, if the French have been accustomed to Western astrology with the horoscopes present in the newspapers and on television, the other astrologies are made known thanks to the various social networks.

Whether on Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok, or Twitter, everyone is now free to express themselves on the Internet. Some use all these platforms to make their culture known to others, including their astrology. Today there are twelve: Tibetan, Celtic, Aztec, Mongolian, Creole, Egyptian, Shamanic, African, Kabbalist, Hindu, Chinese, and Western.

So, are you a tiger? A flower ? A sagittarius? Go now to our slideshow to find out your sign according to these 12 different astrologies.