It is an anniversary that is not committed. Although he has changed the world and will continue to change. Five years ago, China began to fortify Islands in the South China sea. For years it had touched, and then in ever-faster speed Atolls aufzuschütten, Islands expand runways on them to pour the concrete, and with troops and weapons to upgrade. With the simultaneous build-up of its armed forces and especially the Navy, Beijing secured its Invasion of the military. Ideologically it supported the advance with a doubt, recourse to history. The surrounding States, in whose sphere of influence is the second largest economy in the world without inhibitions, penetrated, tried it on the acquisition of land in a Region, through which more than a third of the Maritime world trade, with economic aid tasty.

Christoph Hein

Economics correspondent for South Asia/Pacific, based in Singapore.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese have created ports on the real and artificial Islands and barracks built, Radar, and missile silos to be installed. They’re storing weapons, fuel and food. Runways and Hangars for fighter-bombers provide the air force’s safe havens. The first tourists were brought to the Islands.

Behind the policy of expansion, a large-scale Plan. China secures its atrium. It corridors of his submarine creates boats, guarded the routes of supply of its raw materials and export goods are able to rely on fishing grounds and mineral resources under the sea. The result of this policy, the Advance in the Western Pacific and in the Indian ocean. With less power, because the Occupy of the island groups led to direct clashes. But, nevertheless, with the will influence you to buy by means of economic aid. With it partners to deploy their military infrastructure such as ports to the Chinese, and for Chinese interests in multilateral negotiations, votes in the best case.

Obama’s Non-return to Asia

a third Ring of protection: The own coast, the atrium in the South China sea or in the annexed Tibet, and finally, a sweeping area of China over the years, the supply of raw materials and food to Africa, Central Asia and to Hawaii. A large Chinese zone of influence, are not immune to weak governments that do not want to deprive the dictators. She is wide backed up to the Confucius institutes, which are only ostensibly educational facilities of the Language.

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In the first few years, Beijing has played the keyboard. It is the weakness of the government of America under President Barack Obama took advantage of mercilessly. By December 2013, with German assistance, built a huge Seebagger with the Backfill of the artificial Islands began, Beijing tested the patience of the Americans as a regulatory power in the South China sea over the years, largely without response. While Obama preached the “return to Asia”, he and his Secretary of state Hillary Clinton have done little of course. Faster and faster, the Chinese have ventured, therefore, to of 2014 in the South China sea. Never got a hard answer, but just Grumble, Criticize, and complain. As Vietnam or the Philippines tried to offer in the face of China, they learned its determination. The greatest resistance has resulted in international arbitration from the year 2016, Beijing does not recognise. In the meantime, the dependencies have grown so that it reached its destination, to agree with the took States in Southeast Asia to a “procedure code”. The South China sea for Beijing. The countries had set in with Obama’s America is on the wrong Partner.