Under top security, has started in Tianjin, China, on Wednesday, the trial of human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang. At least 50 police officers blocked the access to the court building and explained that the process takes place under exclusion of the Public, as an AFP journalist reported. In front of the court building, two people were discharged rights activists, such as AFP journalist and witnesses reported.

“The Chinese people may no longer live in fear, we must rise against oppression and be brave,” said the human rights activist Yang Chunlin in front of the building. Then he was grabbed by officers in the civil, and into a waiting car. Another activist held up a sign with the inscription “Let the innocent Wang Quanzhang free”. He was taken away, according to eye witnesses then.

The civil rights lawyer was arrested in July 2015 in the Wake of a wave of persecution against some 300 lawyers, law firm staff, activists, and relatives. He is accused of “Subversion of state power”. For three years there was no sign of Wang Quanzhang, to him in July, a lawyer in custody in the was an hour’s drive from Beijing, away to Tianjin for a visit.