Chinese Propaganda China made a mockery of Trump-government – with LEGO Beijing makes a Video about the USA funny. Thus, the relations between the great land powers at a historic low point. Simon Widmer83 Kommentare83″It’s just a flu”: The Chinese news Agency Xinhua quips about the American government. Photo: Screenshot of Xinhua

Between the United States and China have long since been a propaganda war on the question of who is responsible for the global Corona-crisis. The Chinese Regime has so far operated with a mixture of Goodwill-actions, such as the Export of protective masks, as well as censorship and cover-up. Now, Beijing has taken a new tactic in his Propaganda Arsenal: Humor. However, a very malicious Version of it. In the Video “Once upon a virus,” which has made the Chinese news Agency Xinhua online, is made a mockery of the American government and their reaction to the Corona-crisis ridiculed.

To the music of the Ragtime classic “The Entertainer” on two Lego-like figures, which represent power in the respective Major. On the one hand, a Chinese Terracotta warrior. On the other hand, the American statue of liberty that holds the torch, a cell phone in Hand. “We have discovered a new Virus,” says the Chinese figure. “So what? It’s just a flu,” replies the American, with a quiet speaking voice. The warrior declared proudly, as China fights back with output restrictions, and new hospitals against the Virus. The Lego statue of liberty, referred to this as “barbaric” and “swagger”.

“to search The Virus will disappear in April, in a magical way,” says the figure – then the blame on China. The country had not warned early enough and evidence is kept secret. Thereafter, the head of the American figure runs red, you must be administered in an Infusion. “We are always right, even if we are talking us,” says the statue of liberty. “That’s what I love about you Americans, your resistance,” says the Chinese figure finally.

Modern Propaganda for the international audience

Xinhua has the Video at the 29. April published. Since then it has been clicked millions of times on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram face. There is a certain amount of absurdity, but these social networks within China by the Regime blocked. For many, especially young, Chinese the blocking with VPN programs, on the other, the two-minute film is in English, is primarily aimed at an international audience. The Video tells the story of the Corona-pandemic from the viewpoint of the Communist party. Is concealed according to China Doctors, who warned at an early stage, has been suppressed, or that Xi Jinping was rich in crucial days before he took measures.

The Video appears to be a time in which the relations between the United States and China are at a historic low point. It is argued, among other things, to the beginning of the Corona epidemic. The last US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has fired again, the theory is that the Virus from a high-security laboratory in Wuhan free may have been set. “There is enormous evidence that this is the place where it all started,” he said. Also, the us President, Donald Trump spoke of a “very terrible mistake”, the China have committed.

Neither Pompeo nor Trump evidence of their statements with documents or other Evidence. The Bernese biosecurity expert Kathrin Summermatter holds the theory that the U.S. government is “very unlikely”. “For me, this all looks to a consciously controlled release of the own problems to distract,” said Summermatter.

During the lab-Hypothesis can not be ruled out, published by the Chinese Regime, partly pure fantasy claims. Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign Affairs, said in March that it was possible that the Virus came from the U.S. army to Wuhan.

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