China has a date for its first mission to Mars between the 20 and the 25 of July
China has a date for its first mission to Mars between the 20 and the 25 of July

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The first rover to the chinese will get to Mars will not be delayed beyond this month, as has been announced by the competent authorities. In particular, the Tianwen-1 Mars take off from the island of Hainan, off the southern coast of China, between the 20 and the 25 of July, according to the Center for Satellite Launch Xichang . With this date, the asian giant will move ahead by just a few days to the mission to Mars, an american Mars 2020 , which also carry the rover Perseverance -the release of Curiosity – until the martian surface from the 30th day of July.

The mission Tianwen-1, which takes its name from an ancient poem in chinese, consists of a orbiter , rover and lander , and among its objectives is to collect samples from our neighbor. The probe will use a rocket Long March 5 and is expected to arrive to Mars at some point in February, 2021 .

The dates have been chosen because the Earth and Mars only line up in an optimal position for space flights during a short period every 26 months . The united states has already delayed the launch window for the Mars 2020 up to three times due to technical problems, stating that, as late, to-be-launched on the 15th of August; however, a few days ago confirmed that the launch could take place even later than this date.

For its part, China has greatly expanded its space program in recent years to compete with EE. USA, Russia and Europe. In fact, in January of 2019, it was erected as the first power to land on the hidden side of the Moon, and put on its surface a rover, although their ambition is to take the first astronaut chinese to our satellite soon. In addition, the lunar Chang’e 5 will be launched this year, and will complete its own space station in 2022 after EE. UU. forbid the astronauts chinese use the International Space Station to consider that it could be compromised the national security of the country.

last week, China also launched a satellite final in your system local navigation Beidou, which competes with the GPS system of geolocation devised by the united States.