Believe, Strong Enough, After All… This is the non-exhaustive list of singer Cher’s hits. The star, who turns 77 on May 20, 2023, had met with success in the midst of the hippie movement with her husband Sonny Bono. The duo Sonny and Cher had allowed him to familiarize himself with the scene before continuing his musical career as a soloist.

Since then, the American singer has always been talked about so much. Whether for his music or for his private life. It must be said that the star does not hesitate to talk about those she loves. In November 2022, she had even formalized her relationship with Alexander Edwards, a man 40 years younger than her. The latter is little known to the general public. He works behind the scenes as a music producer.

In May 2016, singer Cher spoke about her relationship to her body and her age during an interview with the Today show. “I look in the mirror and I see this old woman looking at me, and I don’t know how she got there. If I put 70 candles on my birthday cake, I’m going to blow my brains out,” wrote she declared. The star also explained that the more “you get, the more difficult it is” to get on a stage.

Despite her age, the singer does not seem to want to put an end to her career, quite the contrary. “I didn’t want to stop singing, and I knew it would definitely be the last chance. My voice is still good. I’m active, I run everywhere. I always fit into my costumes.” On the occasion of its anniversary, Planet invites you to discover all its little-known photos from its beginnings.