Cheese recall: the supermarket concerned


Even in summer, cheese is an essential part of our daily life. If certain recipes particularly appreciated by the French such as raclette or tartiflette are more associated with winter, summer also has its exclusivities.

It’s high season for Saint-Nectaire, a great classic of French gastronomy straight from Auvergne. However, it is this cheese that is now the subject of a recall procedure in a supermarket. Indeed, the presence of Listeria monocytogenes would have been detected. This bacterium is the cause of listeriosis, an infection that can, in some cases, be serious.

The product concerned is Saint-Nectaire farmhouse raw milk PDO sold in portions of variable weight, pre-packaged in plastic film. It was marketed at the Super U Labussière in Limoges in Haute-Vienne, from August 6 to 17, 2022.

The batch concerned is D21670018 and the expiry date is August 17, 2022. Persons in possession of one of these products must not consume it and return it to the point of sale before Tuesday September 6, 2022 to obtain reimbursement.

If the piece of Saint-Nectaire is eaten, it is important to monitor the appearance of potential symptoms such as fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches or body aches, and not to hesitate to go see a doctor and indicate the consumption. .

“Pregnant women as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly should be particularly attentive to these symptoms. Listeriosis is a disease that can be serious and whose incubation period can be up to eight weeks.”, specifies the site web Reminder Conso.