HBO is well-known for showing graphic sex scenes in many of its originals. But it raises questions about whether high school students should be watching such content.

“Euphoria,” a HBO Max teen drama TV series, stars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer and Sydney Sweeney. Also, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, and Jacob Elordi. The series follows high school teens as they navigate drugs and love, sex, and mental health.

High school students are not the only ones who enjoy watching sex scenes on TV. There were shows similar to “Euphoria” in the past.

The HBO website states that is rated TV-MA. However, many teens watch it due to its portrayal of high school students.

The “Euphoria,” nudity scenes have attracted a lot attention online. Sydney Sweney, who plays Cassie in the show’s creation, talked to Sam Levinson about removing topless scenes she felt were unnecessary.

Priss Sommers is a NIU psychology student in her first year. She doesn’t see any reason viewers should be offended by the sex scenes.

Sommers stated, “It’s not anybody else’s business (having sex with whom”),” “If you don’t want to see naked body, go watch another thing.”

Mikaiyah Graves is a NIU first-year elementary education major who believes graphic sex scenes can have an impact on high school students and perhaps even those younger.

Graves stated that people might take it wrongly and think it’s OK. It is possible to take it out of context, even with the drug component.”

These differing views reflect the division among viewers who watch Sunday night’s show and debate week after week whether these scenes are important or relevant to the plot.

Molly Holmes, director at NIU’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, is aware that high school students may be exposed to explicit scenes because they don’t have the resources necessary to teach them safe and healthy sex.

Reign Hobson, NIU’s first-year family social service major, said, “People get pregnant during high school.”

Holmes stated that there are two old beliefs that teenagers don’t have sex, or that people believe they are not, and that this is why they’re not getting the right education. Holmes believes that Euphoria could spark conversations about sex, especially in certain communities.

Holmes stated that Safe Passage is a community resource. They help victims of stalking or sexual assault, but they also encourage [what to do] before reaching those places.”