Cheap Dorm room: For 250 euros in Frankfurt live


    hot Urbanum, headquarters, or The Flag. And contact students whose parents plagues’t worry about money. In this private apartment homes for a Dorm room costs locker 700 Euro. Rather, it is more.

    ABG shows your project in the plate settlement, that is even cheaper. The settlement of the post-war period is increased by two floors, with the addition of some new buildings. Among other things, 152 A-room-apartments, which are managed by the Studentenwerk and for around 250 Euro for rent. The small apartments on the roof of the old settlement are in the quality not worse than the houses of the private competition. They are even a bit bigger. And they do not occur en bloc at one point, but distributed in a “normal” settlement with a mixed population. Add to this a further 500 dwellings, which are funded for half.


    the project in the plate settlement demonstrates how you can create with good ideas for low-cost housing. The Rent in the new apartments are cheap, because the settlement is part of the ABG and the land costs are omitted. The project is in the plate settlement is the beginning of a large-scale “compression-Offensive”. Other settlements wants to transform the ABG according to this model.

    The rampant housing shortage, therefore, has also positive sides. The unsightly settlements of the post-war period are rebuilt and compacted. Also urban planning is the project useful, because the long rows of houses are closed with head of buildings at the edge. From nondescript green spaces between the buildings, protected courtyards, gardens, rows of small Tenants. However, it will not be the same for all settlements as easy as in this case, the structure of The building is not anywhere as good as in the Northern plate settlement. In addition, the building code requires a certain amount of lifts.