Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal: their most beautiful couple photos


Since 1991, Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of the famous Gainsbarre, has been in a relationship with actor and director Yvan Attal. More in love than ever, they became parents of three children: Ben, in 1997, Alice, born in 2002 and Jo in 2011.

Since then, the two stars of French cinema have formed a close-knit couple, standing the test of time. Yvan Attal had also made a beautiful declaration of love to him during an interview granted to our colleagues from Marie-Claire in 2009. “I am still madly in love”, he declared and added: “I surprise me to be so… tolerant. To pass over a lot of things that I thought I couldn’t bear. But it’s still fragile. Nothing is won, (…). It can explode in this moment.” The couple has thus adopted a particular conception of fidelity, which is based above all on moral loyalty (…) The idea that she can be seduced by another man and that, at the limit, she could sleep with him … from the moment I know nothing about it. I admit she’s a woman, she’s beautiful, she’s successful, men look up to her. It’s no longer a look that bothers me. I also admit that she herself wants to seduce.

Since their debut, the couple has also had artistic collaborations. Latest project to date, the film Les Choses Humaines, directed by Yvan Attal, in which Charlotte Gainsbourg embodies the role of Claire.

While they have been flowing happy days since the beginning of the 1990s, the lovebirds have never passed the milestone of marriage. However, the director had made his request to him in 2013 in front of the cameras when he received his insignia of Knight of the Order of Merit. “I’m going to make a statement to you: if you want to become my wife for good…”, he had declared in front of the crowd present for the occasion and to add: “Come and take a picture with me! You are stuck!”.

Yvan Attal returned to this unusual request. “I always say, ‘My wife, my wife’, so it might as well be my wife for real (…) No, but she doesn’t want anything! She wants to stay like this, she doesn’t want to change anything,” he wrote. declared, as Closer reports.

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