Charles III: what his birth chart tells us about his coming reign


He is the new sovereign of a country in mourning. Charles III, the son of Elizabeth III, who died on September 8, 2022, succeeds him de facto on the throne, at the age of 73.

Less popular than his mother, the former Prince of Wales will have waited a long time before being installed at the head of the British monarchy. So much so that commentators and tabloids gave him the mocking nickname “the trainee”.

All this time will at least have allowed Charles III to prepare meticulously for the role that awaits him. Because the task is not easy: the crown returns to him after the masterly reign of his mother, who punctuated the life of the British for 70 years, and enjoyed, in addition, the status of icon.

For his son, the adoration of his subjects does not yet seem to be on the agenda. But the new monarch could well surprise. While the role entails ironclad political neutrality, a task the queen has managed to perform brilliantly for several decades, it is not said that Charles III follows the rule to the letter.

Because the former Prince of Wales is known to show a certain political commitment: he has spoken several times about, for example, the issue of migration, climate or even the position of the United Kingdom in the face of the China.

What will the reign of the son look like? To try to find out more, Planet turned to… astrology!

We have deciphered the birth chart of the new king. Here is what he tells us.

Sun sign, lunar sign, ascendant… An astral chart lists the position of the stars at the time of birth, and can give, for those who believe in it, valuable clues about the personality and what awaits a native.

King Charles III was born on November 14, 1948 at Buckingham Palace, London.

He is therefore Scorpio. A sign known for its “intensity”, informs cafeastrology.

“These are determined people, who throw themselves headlong into their passions, but may find it difficult to truly commit”, specifies the site.

The Scorpion has a lot of willpower: he never lets go of the matter, but he sometimes does as he pleases.

On the fault side, the natives of the sign can have tendencies to self-sabotage, and are subject to doubt. They often struggle to show their true selves to others, the site adds. “Their childhood is, in general, charged with emotions, which can create a form of trauma that makes them fearful, or uncomfortable with change”, reports the specialized site.

Could the king therefore have difficulty adapting to his new role?

But it’s not just the monarch’s sun sign that sheds light on his personality and life path. The moon sign of Charles III, which represents his emotions, is in Aries.

“He’s impatient, lives in the moment, and can take things very seriously,” cafeastrology says.

In short, the signs that have their moon in Aries are frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition, determined in their work, but can also be very hard on themselves, and even more so on others.

The planet of communication, Mercury, is in Scorpio with the new king. This means, according to cafeastrology, that he is extremely observant, a very good speaker, and a fine strategist. Qualities that will certainly be of great help during his reign.

As for Venus, the planet of love, it is located in Libra in Charles III. The monarch is refined, affectionate, and often idealizes his relationships. However, he can also be easily influenced.

According to the forecasts of the stars, compiled by the cafeastrology site, the first days of the reign of Charles III are announced… intense, and rich in emotions.

On September 19, the day of the funeral of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the king goes through a kind of “emotional rebirth”. “He is challenged to change his ways. It can be a moment of discovery, and of taking power”, continues the specialized site.

In the days that follow, however, the King could face several difficulties: nervousness in the face of change, a keen sense of power that can become a burden, and a tendency to exaggeration and hasty decision-making… “He should avoid signing contracts, you do not see things clearly at the moment”, notes cafeastrology.

The King could be, over the next few days, in an insatiable quest for “perfection” at all levels, with a renewed humanity, and a desire to protect the people around him.