Charles Aznavour: what did the famous singer die of?


Take me, My friends, my loves, my shit, I already saw myself… These are some titles that have made Charles Aznavour a legend of French song. A myth that sadly passed away on October 1, 2018 at the age of 94. Four days after his death, a national tribute to the Invalides was paid to the artist. “It’s not about diversity. It’s about crossed, intertwined destinies, and finally, it’s about greatness” , declared the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and added: “In France, poets never die”. Charles Aznavour was buried in the privacy of the family vault in the Montfort-l’Amaury cemetery.

Under what circumstances did he die? Charles Aznavour died in the bathtub of the bathroom adjoining his bedroom at his second home in Mouriès in the Bouches-du-Rhones. In view of the circumstances, an autopsy was carried out on the singer’s body. In a press release from the public prosecutor, we learned that the interpreter of La Bohème had died of a “natural” cause after “acute pulmonary edema responsible for cardio-respiratory failure which turned out to be above any therapeutic resource”.

In the columns of Vogue Hommes in 2017, a year before his death, Charles Aznavour spoke about his life without taboos. He notably addressed the subject of posterity. “Posterity is useless. everything. Nothing will survive me. Three or four songs maybe, but my name will be forgotten. What would I like to leave? I have long had a reputation as a “money man” in spite of myself” , he confided and to continue: “To be completely honest, what I would like to leave is copyright for my grandchildren. I can sleep in peace.”