Providing Psychological Support for Ukrainian Refugees in the UK

A charity is stepping up to provide crucial psychological support to thousands of Ukrainian refugees in the UK who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety. Opora, a mental health support hub, is offering resources such as a psychological support channel on Telegram, a mental health workbook, and an interactive map of psychological support services for Ukrainians in the UK.

According to a recent study by Care International, an estimated one-third of Ukrainian refugees may develop depression, anxiety, or PTSD. However, cultural and language barriers can make it challenging for many Ukrainians to access mental health services through the NHS.

Yulia Huba, the project coordinator at Opora’s Mental Health Team, highlighted the difficulties Ukrainians face in accessing mental health services due to the lack of a system like the NHS in Ukraine. She emphasized the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging people to seek help when needed.

Symptoms of PTSD can manifest in daily life for many Ukrainians, even years after experiencing trauma. Managing director Stan BeneŇ° pointed out the mental health impact of uncertainty about the future and tensions between those who have stayed in Ukraine and those who have fled.

Opora has partnered with Mindstep for Ukraine, an app that provides displaced Ukrainians in the UK with access to assessments and tools for mental health conditions. With over 230,000 users, the app addresses a wide range of health challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees, including anxiety, depression, brain fog, headaches, and concussion.

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