A former Federal trainer of the German canoe Association (DKV) has been spoken by the Amtsgericht Borna from the allegation of rape and the sexual abuse of one of his athletes. A Junior world champion had Th. K. is accused of, during training camps, to be 2014 in Krakow, and a year later in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu, sexually grip. You accused him of, among other things, to have you in Brazil prior to the world Junior Championships in the Slalom canoeists, when they won the title, with the Finger-vaginal penetration.

Christoph Becker

sports editor.

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In her testimony on the first Day of the trial on 5. In December they had presented the Events in the core is largely the way it was charged, however, in almost all the Details of inaccurate statements made or testified, she could not remember. Thomas stern Berger, the presiding judge of the jury court, said in his oral justification of the verdict, the court could say neither that the witness had lied, or that you’ve told the truth, “and we can support it in good conscience, a conviction. We don’t know what happened“.

Prosecutor Michael cave had pleaded acquittal. “The history of the statement of emergence” was not comprehensible. Several young canoe inside of the socket of the DKV had gathered at a training camp in Prague in may 2017 with a different grip possibilities perceived actions and statements K. s. In a Whatsapp group the Leipzig Kanutin described at the time, first of all, your memories from Krakow, before you wrote a concise, three-quarters of an hour later: “to Me, a Story is a falls there, which is probably even worse.” Then, what will you be in Brazil happen as described. “The drastic experience has been downgraded, I can’t understand,” said cave. In addition, the presentation of the action was in Krakow in the wrong, at least in the question of whether in the room of the accused where the Assault took place, one or two beds stood. The have shaken the statement, “overall”. Judge stern Berger did not want to go so far: “We have been able to demonstrate any tough lie.”