Chappell Roan Rejects White House Offer, Criticizes Biden’s Handling of Gaza Conflict

Breakout pop star Chappell Roan made headlines on Sunday when she publicly declined an invitation to perform at the White House for a Pride celebration. The queer singer-songwriter called on the administration to prioritize “liberty, justice, and freedom for all” before she would consider performing.

Roan, who recently gained widespread recognition after opening for Olivia Rodrigo during her Guts World Tour, delivered a powerful message at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City. Dressed in drag as the Statue of Liberty, she recited lines from Emma Lazarus’s iconic sonnet and emphasized the importance of freedom for marginalized communities, including those in occupied territories.

The singer’s decision to turn down the White House offer comes in the wake of President Biden’s handling of the Gaza conflict, which has drawn criticism from members of his own party. Roan’s bold stance has sparked conversations about the intersection of politics, human rights, and the arts in today’s society.