Chaos in the Zurich night life totally insecure Clubs not open in the first place
Chaos in the Zurich night life totally insecure Clubs not open in the first place

Chaos in the Zurich night life is totally insecure: the Clubs don’t even open until”We are night culture”: Why the doors of the Zurich music bars and Clubs, in spite of the large easing in the 6. June will remain closed.Pascal Unternährer18 Kommentare18Polizeistunde 24 hours? Then, an Opening is not, it is worth to say, the Zurich night clubs.Photo: Dominique Meienberg

“The majority of Clubs and music bars will be closed in the city of Zurich still.” This is the conclusion of the Bar and Club Commission (BCK), after a first analysis of the Federal Council’s event-loosening, as from the 6. June.

From the pace they had been surprised, because on the part of the Federal government have held no communication with the industry, writes the BCK in a communication and does not hold back with her Anger: “Really incredible, when you consider that the music and culture night event industry in Switzerland, with 15 million visitors*indoor six Times more tickets to be generated by the Super League.”

As a Restaurant without food

The reason for this is that hardly any of the music bars and Clubs are open, is that the applicable spacing rules (4 square meters per Person) and the restriction of opening Hours (the police are an hour to 24 hours), and “such serious limitations that they can not be implemented not only economically, but also in terms of content,” writes the BCK.

in Addition, the Federal communicate contradictory, from sliding the entire responsibility on the Clubs and threatened to make offending companies to the pillory.

the police were in The hour to midnight, as if they could open a Restaurant, but no food is allowed to serve, the Commission. To all party visitors in order to 24 hours on the road, would the city also is faced with major challenges.

Now the BCK:

1 calls. Representation and extension of short-time work entitlement.

2. Increase in the budget for the compensation of the culture of the company.

3. Support through the city with À-fonds-perdu-contributions.

4. Comprehensive solution to the issue of rent and insurance.

5. The conversation between the Federal government and the Swiss Club, concert halls and Festival industry, to discuss protection measures and further opening-up steps.

6. No quick-fix Opening, no police hour: “We are culture night.” There is no minimum space per Person, if the traceability is given.

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