Chantal Ladesou: who is her husband Michel Ansault?


From comedy to investigation, there is only one step for Chantal Ladesou. This August 23, the famous actress made her debut as an investigator by joining the jury of Mask Singer on TF1. For this fourth season, she forms a nice quartet with her new acolytes Jeff Panacloc, Vitaa and Kev Adams. “A very good fellow,” she told us at the press conference Planet attended last July. “He helped us a lot.” Without forgetting the presenter Camille Combal, of whom she “loves her way of hosting”.

However, it is in the arms of her husband Michel Ansault that the septuagenarian star has found happiness. A fusional couple in love as well as at work since he is also her manager. “I think I pulled the right number, because it’s not easy to live with me,” she says in the pages of Télé 7 Jours, referring to their union. “I can be very happy, then all of a sudden, for no reason, become unpleasant, but that passes quickly…”.

The one she nicknamed “her Ivanhoe” supported her on a daily basis in her career. “He always encouraged me to do this job, even with my two little boys whom I wanted to take care of so much, I who have been orphaned since the age of 15”. Then, to add to our colleagues. “When, after five years, I wanted to do theater again, it was he who pushed me out. Perhaps because he was tired of seeing me at home, you will tell me.. .”, laughs the apprentice detective of Mask Singer.

For many years, actress and humorist Chantal Ladesou has shared her life with Michel Ansault, whom she met when she worked as a sales hostess at Rank Xerox. In an interview with Here, the French star confided in her couple: “We are a long-term couple, it’s a chance. We have been married for forty-three years!” Before revealing the secret of their longevity: “The shouting matches! Knowing how to slam the door, walk around the block, cry a lot, and come back saying, ‘I went to buy some bread, are you hungry?’ “.

A relationship that knows ups and downs as she had also explained. “We argue all the time, but it’s not really a problem, no. In the one-man-show, we are quite alone. I noticed that people work a lot as a family and it’s nice in fact. (Michel) is a screen for the profession. At the same time, he is very sincere. When he gives me a compliment, I know it’s true. When he criticizes me, I know it’s true. is also true. He doesn’t cheat,” she said.

Chantal Ladesou and her husband are parents of three children: Julien, Clémence and Alix. The latter tragically died at the age of 21 following a car accident. A “huge shock” as well as a “tsunami” for the artist who had confided with emotion on RTL. “I love life so much that I’ve outgrown it. But it’s still in me.”

Before finding her this evening on TF1 in Mask Singer, focus on the most beautiful photos of the couple in our slideshow below.