the Chairman of The CDU in Thuringia, Mike Mohring, is seriously ill. In a Sunday evening on a Facebook posted Video, Mohring said, some knew that he had at last October’s surgery. This went well, everything healing well. “But the Doctors here have just found the only Benign and, therefore, I am since November, even in treatment, I now half behind me. And in February, we close.“ The 47-year-old politician said, it’s all over good, he can smoke anything well. “But you can see just the external effects. My doctor is my hairdresser.“ In the Video Mohring is wearing a hat. In the evening he took part in the CDU Executive Board meeting in Potsdam.

The type of the disease is not expressed Mohring in the Video. He asked for respect, reverence and understanding that the recovery process for him was very important and that he could not perceive all the upcoming dates and would like to. “The Doctors assume that the chance of recovery is 95 percent, so a very, very good prognosis. But for that you need time for yourself and strength to recovery.“ Mohring thanked his family, his friends and his closest political associates for their support and assistance.

Mohring was elected in mid-October, the leading candidate of the CDU in the state election in Thuringia in the coming year. He is sitting since 1999 in the Parliament since 2008, he is Chairman of the CDU group. From his environment it was said that he wanted to lead the group.