Champagne: why shouldn’t you put a teaspoon in the bottle?


New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and for some the champagne will be flowing. This alcoholic and sparkling drink is often the star of the Christmas meal and of course the aperitif! The problem that can possibly arise is that some have eyes bigger than their stomachs… or that the guests do not drink as much as expected. The householders then find themselves with opened bottles and do not know what to do with them!

It would be too bad to throw away this delicious – and relatively expensive – beverage… There is a trick that many people use, supposed to preserve the bubbles in an open bottle of champagne. It would be necessary to place a small spoon in the neck of the latter!

Florent Martin, best sommelier of France 2021, confided in our colleagues from Femme Actuelle on the famous tip of the spoon in the bottle of champagne. According to this expert in the field, the spoon trick is a popular belief. Indeed, a spoon absolutely does not sufficiently obstruct the air inlet in the bottle, and therefore the outlet of the gas constituting the bubbles.

Instead, you should invest in professional equipment… Which is nothing more than a plug designed specifically for this use. It will allow you to close the bottle almost as tightly as the original cap, so the drink should stay as bubbly as possible. You can find these very practical objects in supermarkets, or even at a wine merchant, if you are looking for a particularly efficient model.