Chamber of Commerce of great Britain: thousands of British companies have Brexit-emergency plans


    thousands of companies have to apply according to the British chamber of Commerce already contingency plans for a Unger Brexit created. Among the measures, particularly the relocation of activities abroad and the Storage of Goods, the newspaper “The Guardian cited” on Sunday, the chamber of Commerce BCC, which has 75,000 members. In addition, the company would use the vital financial resources for the preparation of a disordered Brexit.

    in the last days of the trade have heard of the chamber of 35 companies that have activated their emergency plans. So far is according to the BCC, but only the “tip of the iceberg”.

    Airbus-Chef with a dramatic appeal

    just a few days ago, the air travel threatened and defence group Airbus to a “No Deal” with the closure of factories in the UK. There, the company has concentrated almost all of its wing construction. “If there is a Brexit, without agreement, we must meet with Airbus may be very harmful decisions for the UK”, said Airbus chief Tom Enders.