Couple Discovers Mysterious Secret Room Under Jacuzzi During Renovation

In a surprising turn of events during the renovation of their home in Michigan, USA, a couple stumbled upon the existence of a secret room under their jacuzzi.

Hayley and Trevor Gilmartin were taken aback when they uncovered a hole beneath the bathroom floor while replacing their faulty jacuzzi. This hole led to a tunnel filled with water deep below their house. Hayley described the experience as “really creepy,” stating that anyone finding a dark cave under their home would be frightened.

Upon further investigation, the couple discovered that their neighbors also had similar tunnels beneath their houses. It is believed that during the Prohibition era in the United States from 1920 to 1933, these tunnels were used for smuggling prohibited goods. The Gilmartin’s tunnel may have served as a smuggling route during that time.

Excited by their discovery, the Gilmartins shared their exploration journey on TikTok, garnering millions of views. They plan to continue exploring the tunnel and potentially turning it into a game room or a bowling alley after draining the water system.

This unexpected finding has sparked curiosity and speculation about the history and purpose of these mysterious tunnels hidden beneath homes, providing a glimpse into a past era of clandestine activities.