The famous television host Cendrine Dominguez had been married since 1986 to Patrice Dominguez, a former French tennis player, who became a sports consultant. The couple became parents to two children: a girl named Léa, in 1987 and a boy named Léo, in 1990.

Their marriage ended with the death of the former sportsman in 2015. The latter died at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris following lung cancer. Sad news announced by the host to AFP. “At 65, surrounded by his family and all his friends, Patrice Dominguez died (…) at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital after a fight he led with courage and dignity. (… ) He devoted his life to tennis, in which he was an actor in multiple roles at the world level, all assumed with passion and determination: player, coach, manager, organizer. He was also the voice but also the historian with about fifty of works devoted to his sport”.

Since then, Cendrine Dominguez has found love again in the arms of Jean-Christophe Kerdelhué, founding president of NW Groupe. More in love than ever, the lovebirds got married, as the host revealed on her Instagram account in July 2022.

“After Love…There is always love. 7 years later…July 7. Saying YES This is neither a fairy tale nor a novel, but a truth. Because only the truth can transport me and disturb me. The truth of our lives, where it is necessary as much as possible. To accept, the shadow then the light. The back and the front of life which mingle because only love is worth the pain, all the pains . Make dreams possible. For that you have to find the beautiful shoulder, the arm that knows how to hold back, the strength of a man who knows how to take you on board. So thank you life. Thank you for your tender words”, she wrote in caption of a publication.

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