Celine Dion Reveals 17-Year Battle with Stiff Person Syndrome

Celine Dion recently opened up about her secret battle with stiff person syndrome for 17 years before publicly sharing her diagnosis. The singer, now 56, admitted that keeping the condition hidden from her fans was a heavy burden to carry.

In a preview for an upcoming interview with Today show host Hoda Kotb, Celine described the pain of hiding her disorder and feeling like she had to act like a hero while struggling with her health. She revealed that the condition caused her muscles to tense and spasm uncontrollably, making it difficult for her to walk or talk.

Despite battling the disease, Celine continued to perform until 2022 when she decided to share her diagnosis with the world and cancel upcoming shows. She shared that the condition affected her voice, making it feel like someone was strangling her, and causing spasms in her body that affected her ability to sing.

Celine is now undergoing therapy to manage the symptoms and has hopes of getting back on stage in the future. She is set to release a documentary titled “I Am: Celine Dion,” which will provide a glimpse into her health battle and her determination to overcome the autoimmune disorder.

The singer’s resilience and bravery in facing stiff person syndrome have inspired fans around the world, and she continues to receive love and support as she navigates her journey towards recovery.