On June 10, 2022, France 2 broadcast the last episode of season 10 of Candice Renoir. A season which was to be the last for Cécile Bois in the role of the famous police commander. But eventually, the series will be back for new issues in the coming months, as Le Parisien recently revealed. Six new 52-minute episodes are to be shot, but with big changes for the heroine of the program.

At the end of season 10, the faithful of Candice Renoir had however attended what was to be the last investigation of the mother of the family. During a final interrogation, the policewoman managed to confuse a drug dealer suspected of murder. Even Cécile Bois thought it would be his farewell to the crazy character of France 2.

“When we shot this burst of episodes, we thought they would be the last. For the last shot together, we all cried, confided the actress to Télé Loisirs. There was the whole artistic and technical team, all the extras. There were a lot of people behind the doors, behind the camera. It was extremely moving”.

Finally, Candice Renoir’s team decided to return for a new season, after shooting a special 90-minute number. The opportunity to find the policewoman in Corsica, for an unprecedented investigation. “I have the impression of having told everything at the end of each season. But we have wonderful authors who manage to renew themselves and systematically surprise us”, explains producer Caroline Lassa to Parisian.

Result: Candice Renoir will once again take viewers on board in her hunt for criminals, but this time in Marseille. “We said to ourselves that by changing the location, with what that implies new relationships, new colleagues and new sets, there was still potential”, justifies the producer.

According to the first information revealed in the Ile-de-France daily, Candice Renoir should meet new characters and therefore form new friendships and … enmities. A way to develop the narrative arcs of the series, without forgetting Sète, where the policewoman worked for ten years. Winks to his former team are therefore planned.

Other special and single episodes are also on the program for the next few months. In the meantime, fans of Cécile Bois will be able to find her in two other projects: a mini-series around wine for France 2, Les Gouttes de Dieu, and a psychological thriller which will be broadcast on TF1, Addict.