The computer fair Cebit in Hanover is set. In the face of decline in area reservations for the Cebit 2019, the “industry should be led near digital issues” of the Cebit in Hannover trade fair, said the organizer, Deutsche Messe. For the rest of the fields of special events should be developed, targeted at individual industries.

“There will be no Cebit in Germany,” said company spokesman Onuora Ogbukagu. Terminations should not give it but, he stressed, and pointed to “numerous Vacancies in the organization” Deutsche Messe.

Cebit was once the world’s largest trade fair of its kind. In peak times, around 800,000 visitors came, however, in the past few years, this number decreased significantly. Deutsche Messe has therefore developed a new approach for the Cebit. This year, the organizers of the Deutsche Messe AG had tried to position the Cebit as “Europe’s leading Digital Event”. The Cebit was held this year for the first time in the summer and advanced the digitization of our business, administration and society in the focus. But overall, Cebit attracted in a new guise, only 120,000 people on the fair grounds – again much less than in 2017 with 200,000 visitors.