Who can relieve the world of pain of the Merz-trailer in the CDU after the narrow defeat of their idol? The SPD and the Green try it at least. After all, their Chairman, to Express doubt that after the change of staff to Merkel to Kramp-Karrenbauer everything stays the same. Nahles and Habeck expect, rather, with new conflicts in the coalition, because the new CDU, the Chairman of the losing stock in your party and on a number of fields “conservative” positions would be.

This is not the way to bet too high. With the appointment Ziemiaks to the Secretary-General Kramp has not conquered-karrenbauer, nor the hearts of those who were drawn by the cry of “Merz or death!” in the Congress. The measure Kramp-Karrenbauer on a daring campaign promise that Merz had made: to halve the results of the AfD. Their leadership was confident that the choice Kramp cart Builder, the AfD use. The elections in the coming year will show who was the better Prophet.