Tribune. Education : the most sensitive issue, the most controversial, the most difficult of all, with the stakes enormous. The company expects all, or almost all, of the schools and high schools.

Our national education, the admiration of the whole world ; even today, our artisans, our writers, our artists, our scientists are world-renowned. However, our system leaves so many young people on the edge of the road and knows many of the evils that one does not know by which end to fix it.

Obstacle to pedagogical innovation : a pity for freedom. Disparity of levels the highest of the OECD countries [Organization for economic cooperation and development], with the highest dependence on social origin : it’s a pity for equality. Disintegration of respect, mistrust between all the stakeholders – teachers, school heads, inspectors, students and their parents : it’s a pity for the brotherhood.

The international assessments, when we wanted to look at them in the face, have confirmed the magnitude of the evil, with scores very bad in reading and writing, mathematics, English. Incapable of reforming itself in the face of societal changes and technology, our school system has the most trouble attracting talent, as evidenced by our poor statistics of recruitment of teachers.

And for the pure product of public education that I am, it is heartbreaking to see more and more families seek refuge in the private.

I have worked the past year on a mission for the government on mathematics education. The finding was hard – even more than I was expecting. Suffering teachers, delinquent students, at a voltage of the system, inability to respond to the growing needs of the company heads, well-trained in this matter. When we love discipline, it is necessary to have the faint of heart to go through this !

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