Have you fallen in love with a plant while passing through a nursery? Beware. Some plants are toxic to pets. The cat is particularly more exposed because it most often loves to nibble the leaves of our very recent acquisitions…

The reason he does this? According to House

Another possible explanation for this behavior: a food imbalance. The animal in question is looking for fibers to add to its weekly menu.

So make sure, before buying a new plant, that it does not put your feline at risk to its health. To identify the plants that should not be brought into the home when you are the proud owner of a small feline, Planet has produced the slideshow below, based on information from the Au Féminin media.

If it’s too late and the animal is already intoxicated, the only solution is to take it to the vet, says Maison

It is theoretically possible that without intervention, with rest, healing will occur naturally. Nevertheless, in any case, it is better not to make him vomit without consulting the veterinarian.