At 78, Catherine Deneuve lit up the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. The iconic French actress received a Lion of Honor for her entire career on Wednesday August 31 during the opening ceremony of the 79th Venice Film Festival. The interpreter of Donkey Skin received the Golden Lion from the hands of Alberto Barbera, the coach of the Mostra, to reward his entire career. “I am very proud to be honored here”, reacted the actress of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg during a press conference organized for her.

To receive this honorary Golden Lion, Catherine Deveneuve dazzled photographers and spectators by wearing a very glamorous long red slit dress signed Saint Laurent Paris. An outfit that she had chosen to accessorize with a handbag and satin white pumps, shoes by Roger Vivier. It was precisely her feet that caught the eye since the actress unveiled a fine tribal tattoo on her left foot. It must be said that the actress has a hidden passion for this art and wears a total of two tattoos: one in the neck and the second on the foot. In 2014, she had indeed revealed in the magazine Obsession to have always had a passion for this “quite erotic” art. “The first is from a long time ago, it’s on my neck, hidden by my hair. On the foot, it is more recent. I have always liked it”, explained at the time the actress.

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According to her, each tattoo is a message from whoever chooses and wears it. “It’s special, it’s like a sign. A desire to be different. It’s quite erotic”, had confided the actress. No way to show them off, Catherine Deneuve likes to hide the tribal turtle that she wears on her neck and which goes down her neck thanks to her hair. “I find some filthy tattoos: on men, who show their tattooed calves in shorts in the summer…”, she launched in particular with humor in 2014.

That same year, she had posed at the age of 70 in a daring way in a lace bodysuit for New York Magazine in front of the lens of the Frenchwoman Dominique Issermann. On these three black and white photos, one showed her in effect from the back, in a lace bodysuit, black tights and Louboutin. Over the years, Catherine Deneuve continues to amaze. Very free and sexy photos that she assumed, as she explained at the time a month later in the pages of Télérama. “We talked about it on the Internet as if I had been on the cover of Playboy! Many stars, especially in the United States, are constantly trying to create buzz by communicating from morning to night about what they do, by giving as food: it’s absurd for me. Yet, whether we like it or not, we are now all subject to this regime”, she regretted at the time.

Sign of fate or not, while her tattoo represents a turtle, the next film in which Catherine Deneuve will appear is called “The turtle”. An unexpected film by director Léa Domenach and in which Catherine Deneuve will play…. Bernardette Chirac! A woman she knows well since they participated together for several years in the “Yellow Pieces” operation.