Grandio Group welcomes Gibbys restaurants into its fold. The group, led by Jean Bédard, big boss of La Cage – Brasserie sportive, has just acquired these establishments – which have two addresses – specializing in grilled meats and seafood.

“We are interested in Quebec brands that have legs,” illustrates Mr. Bédard in an interview. Describing Gibbys as a real institution, Jean Bédard has every intention of opening other branches in addition to those in Montreal and Saint-Sauveur.

“We didn’t make this acquisition for two restaurants,” he said. We will give ourselves a year to fully understand their DNA. Then, Gibbys could well settle on the South Shore, in Quebec and in the Outaouais.

For the record, it was the owners of the two restaurants, George Chiotis and Morris Levi, who first approached Mr. Bédard five years ago. By his own admission, he was not ready at the time to embark on such an adventure. The owners of Gibbys later returned to the charge. “The guys are tired, they don’t have a replacement,” says Jean Bédard, now ready for such a project.

“The current management team and employees of the two restaurants, located in Saint-Sauveur and in Old Montreal, will remain in place,” said Groupe Grandio, in a press release released on Wednesday.

Like chicken wings and other ribs from La Cage, products signed Gibbys could also be found in supermarkets.

In addition, Moishes, another institution formerly located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, acquired by La Cage in 2018 should open its doors in the Quartier international de Montréal at the beginning of the summer. Also specializing in grilled meats, isn’t the restaurant in direct competition with nearby Gibbys? “They are complementary,” replies Jean Bédard, who maintains that one will attract a business clientele and the other more tourists. They can live together very well. »

Founded in 2022, Groupe Grandio has 55 branches including La Cage, Cochon Dingue, Lapin Sauté, Ciel!, Paris Grill, Café du Monde, JaJa, Madame Chose, Chez Lionel – Brasserie Française, IRU Izakaya, Crémy Pâtisserie, Moishes and Gibbys.

Recently, La Cage – Brasserie sportive also announced the upcoming opening of a first branch in Bordeaux, France.