Cindy Park’s Purr-fect Taylor Swift Eras Tour Costumes for Her 4-Legged Swiftie

Cindy Park, a 53-year-old Swiftie from Portland, Oregon, found inspiration in Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour costumes for her 9-year-old rescue cat, Badger. As a fan of the singer, Park was captivated by the dazzling outfits and decided to create similar costumes for her furry friend.

Starting with piecing together costumes and adding bedazzles, Park managed to craft a matching tour wardrobe for Badger, which she proudly showcases on Instagram at The cat, who loves playing dress-up, eagerly participates in the photoshoots and even helps put on the costumes by lifting his paws through the armholes.

Park, a managing director at a FinTech firm, shares a special bond with Badger during their costumed photo shoots, where the cat starts purring and drooling in excitement. With a total of nine rescue cats, Park admits that Badger and another feline named Ellie are the most fashionable and attention-loving of the bunch.

As Badger recognizes Taylor Swift’s songs and poses for the camera, Park cherishes the bonding moments they share. Their adorable photoshoots, especially those inspired by the Eras Tour, have brought joy and smiles to their followers on social media.

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