Is the end of species coming soon? Not at all, if we trust the habits of the French, because they do not seem ready to give up their banknotes and coins for dematerialized means of payment. The European Central Bank recently published its latest survey on the payment habits of households in the euro zone, of which the French are a part.

Has the Covid-19 epidemic relegated the use of cash to oblivion? Remember, three years ago, the authorities asked the French to favor payment by contactless or bank card, in order to limit contact. If many consumers have played the game, do they still prefer credit cards to cash? Not really. Relaying this survey by the European Central Bank, the Banque de France explains: “While cash is faced with an ever-wider offer of dematerialized means of payment, it remains the instrument most used in France to pay for purchases at points of sale. sale”.

Please note, if cash is still appreciated and valued by the French, it has nevertheless declined with regard to the total volume of payments in the euro zone. It represented 50% of payments in 2022, compared to 57% in 2019 and 68% in 2016. The decline continues, in favor of the bank card which, for many French people, has two main advantages: speed and ease of use. If the bank card is practical, simple and fast, it also has disadvantages, in particular related to the traceability of your purchases and a lack of security in the event of physical or remote theft of your personal data.

Have you reduced your cash payments in recent months? You might want to consider slipping some cash and coins into your wallet. Find out why in the slideshow below.