Cash investigation celebrates its 10th anniversary. For a decade, Elise Lucet and her team conducted dozens of investigations and as many revelations. As its name suggests, this magazine specializes in investigation and has offered many topics in several areas: management, pharmaceutical companies, pedophilia in the Church…

This Thursday, March 16 is thus broadcast a special prime time which will return to the surveys which have most marked the viewers. On this occasion, Planet returns today to the cult moments of the show.

In this excerpt, Elise Lucet calls out to Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican to ask him a question regarding the pedophilia scandal in the Church.

In this excerpt that has become cult, Elise Lucet tries to contact Nicolas Sarkozy by telephone, in vain.

The journalist then asked questions to the former President of the Republic about possible Libyan funding that he would have received during his campaign.

The journalist not only interviews human beings, but also… artificial intelligences. Indeed, in this extract, she tries to cook Apple’s voice assistant.

Elise Lucet faces Rachida Dati

In this extract, the journalist was then facing the politician Rachida Dati, today famous for her punchlines.

In this episode, the journalist spoke at the full general meeting of the Sanofi company.

In this excerpt which marked many viewers, Elise Lucet made the vice-president of Lidl listen to the shocking words of a regional director of the sign.