The American Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell, has been shown due to the fraud if the “mirror” concerned, and an independent investigation is required. The revelations of “the Embassy of the United States of America is of great concern,” said the representative of the American President Donald Trump, in Germany, in a Friday evening statement published, which you can access here. This is especially the case, because it was gone in some of these fake reports to American policy, and certain parts of the American population.

“U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell has set out these concerns today in a letter to the “mirror”editor-in-chief and an independent and transparent investigation of the matter requested”, – stated in the message of the Embassy. A spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the statement. The Deputy editor-in-chief of the “mirror”, Dirk Kubjuweit, has already responded to the Letter and apologised in it explicitly in the case of all American citizens who were offended by Claas Relotius’ reports “and denigrated”. Safety and control systems have failed.

at the same time he distanced himself from the accusation of institutionalised Anti-Americanism at the news magazine. Criticism of the policy of”the man in the White house” is not to be confused with the institutional bias against the United States.

The “mirror”editor Relotius had forged, as the magazine itself put in the open, a large volume of stories and protagonists invented. Sixty texts are to be affected, the magazine makes the revelation in his own case to the cover story of the current issue. As a freelance Journalist Relotius had previously written for many different Newspapers (three texts from him appeared in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”, they are now checked again).