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After you receive a critical evening for a part of Lewis Hamilton, is Carlos Sainz has come to pass those who placed at the other side of the struggle against racism. Your choice not to kneel in protest against this scourge led the pilot English to refer to teams “Spanish and Russian”, when it happened, journal.

The son of the legendary pilot of rallies has been the most criticized in the grill by the gesture of yore, for more that many others also practice. It is the case of characters recognized as Raikkonen, Verstappen or Leclerc .

“Am I free not to kneel. I ask the people to stop this topic. All the pilots we are against racism. By the mere fact of not driving a knee not you might be considered racist… Is a monotema.

it Is a mere gesture that does not change anything , ” said Sainz in the pre-Grand Prix 70 Anniversary, which they will race at Silverstone.

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