A photo that sparked controversy. On March 21, ex-model and singer Carla Bruni celebrated the arrival of spring by posing on a pile of trash cans and rubbish left in the streets by Paris garbage collectors who are on strike, in opposition to the reform of the retreats.

“Spring”, she wrote in the caption of her publication before tackling the mayor of Paris, adding: “Thank you Anne Hidalgo”. It was enough for many Internet users to protest in the comments of his photo. “Shame on you madam in your well-protected environment. I unsubscribe from your page. You are not an example of solidarity in the face of people who toil and ask for better living conditions: consideration, salaries, retirement”, wrote a subscriber.

Others, on the contrary, gave their support to the wife of the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy. “I love your humor!! No, but it’s a total shame!! hidalgo resignation”.

This is not the first time that Carla Bruni has drawn the wrath of Internet users. A few days ago, she would have commented on a publication by the deputy La France Insoumise, Clémentine Autain who revealed an extract from the testimony of a garbage collector driver during his visit to TF1, reports our colleagues from Madame Figaro. A video to which Carla Bruni would have commented “Hahahahaha”, before deleting her message.

On her Instagram account, she shares many shots, each more surprising than the next. Anthology of his amazing photos in our slideshow.