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resim 306

It is not uncommon for Carla Bruni to confide in the press about her love life, even sex. In 2017, the former First Lady had made crisp secrets to the American site Refinery 29.

“I’m still attracted to my man, and I imagine he’s still attracted to me – at least I hope so after 10 years of dating,” she said and added, “When we were living in the sublime chateau that is the Élysée, I made him come home every night when he didn’t have a dinner party so that we could share a meal and chat, because we are friends. But we also have a life. fantastic sex”.

As revealed by Paris Match in 2018, the former model would have evoked a real “erotic alchemy under the duvet” between the two spouses. The publication also reported a confidence that the former First Lady would have made to a friend: “I wish that your husband makes love to you as well and as often.”

More recently, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife made daring secrets about their relationship to ELLE magazine. “I am much more reassured today, in this life with my husband. He is by far the most reassuring man that I have found. There is a great commitment between us. But I depend on this love. And it is exactly what I was running away from before meeting him (…) Finally, in twenty years, things have not changed so much, even physical love, I still find that delicious”.

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