Carla Bruni and Charles Berling: back on their discreet love story


Since her modeling career began, Carla Bruni has been the subject of several rumors about her romantic relationships. Mick Jagger, Louis Bertignac… These are the men with whom she would have been in a relationship for a time in her life. After having maintained a relationship with the literary publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven, she began a romance with her son, Raphaël, then married to his wife Justine Lévy. She became the mother for the first time of a boy named Aurélien in 2001. Six years later, she met her future husband and father of her daughter Giulia, Nicolas Sarkozy.

If their romance, which resulted in a marriage in 2008, is known to all, his relationship with Charles Berling is much less. In the 2000s, the comedian and the successful model had a romance that lasted a year. In the columns of the magazine Gala in 2008, the star of the film Le Prénom had evoked this past history. “I have a lot of affection for Carla. We loved each other passionately and we remained very good friends. Now she has her love life, but she is someone who will always be dear to me, as d ‘other women in my life,’ he added.

Despite his separations, Charles Berling has always remained close to his former companions, as he said at the microphone of Europe 1 in 2018. “The people I loved, with whom I was able to live, I see them again . They are always in my life”, he had confided and to add: “It is not dead skin that I leave behind me, it is a relationship which has moved, changed, has been transformed. I would say that the essential thing for me in love is to come to understand that each being evolves differently. There are moments of meeting and total harmony and given moments when beings separate a little”. Although very open on the subject, Charles Berling did not expand on the causes of their separation.