White vinegar is the miracle household product to make your car shine, among other things. Economical and ecological, it allows you to get rid of limestone, while descaling and degreasing. In addition to allowing your rims and your body to sparkle, thanks to a spray or a cloth soaked in white vinegar, you can use it in the passenger compartment of your car.

For a shiny windshield, you can first clean your windshield wipers, by passing a cloth immersed in white vinegar over the blades, several times. So you can say goodbye to streaks on the windshield, which can hinder your visibility on the road.

For even more efficiency, why not replace your windshield washer with white vinegar? For an optimal result and antifreeze effect, consider mixing it with water, dishwashing liquid and a little alcohol at 70°, reports Maison

You can also use this ecological product mixed with hot water and a small dose of dishwashing liquid to clean the inside of your windows, using a microfiber cloth.

White vinegar is also effective for removing stickers and other old insurance labels stuck to the windshield. To do this, heat a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave for 2 minutes, advises the specialized site How to save. Then dip a sponge in the hot vinegar, then soak the labels stuck to your windshield. After letting it act for a good ten minutes, scrape off with an old bank card or other plastic object. Repeat the process until all residue is removed.