The number is appalling. For the first time in ten years, vehicle thefts have increased considerably. Indeed, the 2023 Coyote Secure observatory reports 9% more thefts compared to 2021. There would thus be 133,800 vehicles stolen in 2022. This would represent one car theft every four minutes throughout the country.

These figures are recorded by the observatory in addition to the information provided by the Ministry of the Interior and certain insurance companies. Of this number of stolen vehicles, 60% of them are never found.

But, how does Coyote Secure come up with these numbers? This company has a stolen vehicle recovery service. 400,000 vehicles are equipped with it in France and Belgium.

Of this number of vehicles, 70% are cars. The remaining 30% concerns two wheels, commercial and professional vehicles.

On passenger cars, 67% of car thefts “concern SUV models because of their great commercial success” reports Coyote Secure. The model whose number of flights has increased the most is the hybrid model. Indeed, “the most significant increase over one year concerns hybrid models, whose risk of theft increases by more than 40% in 2022 to reach 3.3/1000” specifies the observatory. In addition, the most stolen car in 2022 would be the Toyota RAV4 SUV, according to Auto Plus.

To reduce the risk of never finding your stolen vehicle, it is possible to equip it with a tracker such as Coyote Secure offers, for example. 91% of vehicles equipped with their tracker would be found according to their 2022 observatory.

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