According to the Ministry of the Interior, 133,800 vehicle thefts were recorded in France in 2022. This number represents an increase of 9% compared to the previous year. The rate has never been so high for ten years. Of these vehicles, 70% are private vehicles. The remaining 30% is mainly divided between two wheels, utility vehicles and professional vehicles. Coyote Secure’s 2023 theft observatory specifies that of this total number of stolen vehicles, 60% “are never found”.

Among the regions most affected by these thefts are Île-de-France, Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur and Auvergne-Rhône Alpes. These regions alone account for 52% of declared thefts. They respectively record a loss ratio of 5.9; 4.2 and 2.9 for 1,000 vehicles equipped with a Coyote Secure tracker. On these cars equipped with a tracer, the Coyote observatory claims that 91% of them are found in 48 hours. This is one of the solutions offered by Coyote to prevent the theft of your car. But, which cars are most affected? Check it out in our slideshow below.

As the observatory specifies, “the vast majority of thefts in 2022 concern four-wheeled vehicles and in particular passenger cars”. Questioned within the framework of the observatory, Stéphane Curtelin, director of marketing and product management at Coyote, specifies that “the loss of theft on each type of vehicle is closely observed by insurance companies, for whom the cost estimated at more than 780 million euros, is very important”.

But these are not the only stolen vehicles. Indeed, professional vehicles are also subject to theft. The risk is often greater because these vehicles have “a very high market value”. All vehicles are affected. Moreover, all are victims of new technologies. In fact, in 2022, 9 out of 10 vehicles are stolen using technology or electronically. This represents 88% of vehicle thefts. The only advantage of these new techniques is that the vehicle is generally found (if equipped with a tracer) without any damage.

Check out our slideshow below to find out if your car is one of the most popular with thieves.