The horn, more commonly known as the horn, must be used according to the rules of the Highway Code. Some drivers use it for any occasion. Whether to express dissatisfaction, or on the contrary, to thank another driver, French motorists often misuse it. While France is one of the countries with the most bad drivers, when is it forbidden to honk? We take stock with you in our slideshow below.

It is true that it is tempting to honk in certain situations, but is it really useful? Is it really legal? On French territory, the Highway Code in terms of horns is different depending on whether you are in a built-up area or not.

Indeed, strictly prohibited in town, “you can only use it in cases of immediate danger. For example, when another road user has not seen you and there is an immediate risk of collision. Misuse of the horn is punishable by a fine of up to €150. Usually this is a fixed fine of €35”, as explained on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. While it “is authorized outside built-up areas to warn other road users. For example, to signal your presence when approaching a bend without visibility”. However, the buzzer is also prohibited there at night.

It is therefore necessary to be vigilant with the latter, because although it is tempting to honk in certain situations, you can be fined for non-compliance with the Highway Code. In case you do not know the circumstances in which it is prohibited to use it, we have compiled the slideshow list below for you.