Historic Capitola Home Hits the Market After 50 Years

A stunning home located in one of the most picturesque areas in Santa Cruz County is now up for sale. According to the real estate agent, this is the first time in half a century that this property has been listed. The five-bedroom, two-bathroom corner house is a beloved landmark in Capitola, standing out among the vibrant homes in the Venetian Court neighborhood.

Listed at $5,485,800, the price tag is over six times higher than California’s record high median home price of $900,000. Built in 1930, this single-family blue home at 1500 Wharf Road, Apartment 12, features a private balcony, adding to its charm. Interestingly, the area experienced significant flooding in late 2023, with one woman facing the brunt of the waves in front of the Capitola Venetian Mouse House.

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