(Vancouver) The Canadian Women’s Open doesn’t just feature some of the best golfers on the LPGA Tour, it’s also an opportunity for Canada’s young professionals to see where they stand against the competition.

Although Brigitte Thibault and Sarah-Ève Rhéaume were unable to avoid the ax during the national golf championship on Friday, they agreed that they had learned a lot from this experience.

The 24-year-old Thibault has played on the Women’s All-Pro Tour this season, a third-tier tour that plays the majority of its tournaments in Texas.

She mentioned that playing at an LPGA event was a great way to see how her golf is progressing.

“I felt very comfortable. I know I belong, said Thibault, after playing 75 (plus-3) to put it eight strokes over par. I land shots that I know are very difficult and shoot the ball a little more or lose shots on the easier ones. It is enough to refine the game during the easy shots and I will be at this level. »

The 22-year-old Rhéaume also saw she could play at the highest levels of women’s golf. She’s playing on the Epson circuit this season, a second-tier circuit, and she’s ranked 150th in the purse rankings.

“You can see you’re pretty close,” Rhéaume said of his second appearance on an LPGA Tour event. Once you’re at the Epson circuit, the difference in moving up to the LPGA isn’t that big. It’s a way to improve confidence because you see that you can play here. »

“You can see you’re pretty close,” Rhéaume said of his second appearance on an LPGA Tour event. “Once you’re at Epson Tour level, the difference in moving up to LPGA isn’t that big.

Rhéaume scored 74 on Friday to end the tournament at plus-7. The projected cut had been set at plus-2.

Thibault, from Rosemère, and Rhéaume, from Quebec, were the only two Quebecers to take part in the tournament and they were proud to represent the Belle Province.

“I saw a lot of Quebecers here,” Thibault said of the bleachers at Shaughnessy Golf Club. It has been nice to just feel their support and warmth, to see them follow you and encourage you. »

Rhéaume, who played two bands behind Thibault, also felt that love.

“It’s important to have some representation,” noted Rhéaume, who competed at the Canadian Women’s Open in Ottawa last year. There were four Quebecers playing (in 2022) and this year there were only two. It is very good to represent Quebec and we are really proud of our province and our country. »