(Dallas) Samuel Montembeault will get a second straight start in front of the CH net, this evening in Dallas.

So decided Martin St-Louis, who hopes for a victory with the Stars in order to be able to conclude this long journey with a harvest of 7 points out of a possible 14. The Canadian will therefore not make any changes to his training.

“It’s an opportunity for Sam to help us get the result we know we’re capable of,” the coach explained Tuesday morning in Dallas. In the last three games we put ourselves in a good position, but we didn’t get the results we wanted, so it’s about continuing and moving forward, and Sam is part of that. »

For the Canadian, tonight’s challenge will not be easier than in the last three games. This time it’s the Stars who are on the path, a club that has just won 7 of its last 10 games.

“It’s a team that puts pucks on net,” added Martin St-Louis. They’re a team that attacks quickly, so we’ll have to manage the puck like we did in our last games. »

Moreover, and despite the last three defeats, Martin St-Louis begins the new year with optimism.

“I want us to keep the passion for what we are doing,” he said. With passion, there is this mentality of wanting to continue to evolve, to improve. So for us, it’s about keeping our attitude, our passion. We know we are heading in the right direction. »