Camping: prices, disputes… What are your rights?


Camping is the perfect opportunity to spend nature holidays without headaches… Or almost! Your getaway can quickly become a source of trouble. Between the price of the stay, the disputes and the payment, it is not easy to disentangle the true from the false.

According to the website, each campsite is assigned a number of stars, awarded after a visit by the French Accreditation Committee. Between 1 and 5, they classify establishments on more than 195 criteria. In addition, this determines the minimum surface that must be granted to you. For example, for a structure with 1 or 2 stars, you will need 70m² against 80m² for 3 or 4 star campsites, indicates the Radins site.

However, this in no way assumes the cost of your reservation. If there is a difference in price between the structures, due to the “standing”, that is to say, at the level of the services offered, the prices are freely established by the owner.

According to CampingFrance, on average for a “naked” pitch, the price per night will range from €14.90 for an unclassified campsite to €50.90 for a 5 star.

The value depends on several factors. Thus, the average price of a location with a swimming pool would be 54% higher than in an institute that does not have one. In addition, the location of the campsite has a huge influence. The cost, moreover, can vary according to the department: a “bare” site for two people would cost on average 39.30€ in the Var against 27.40€ in Vendée.

If the decision to leave is made, then it may be best to find out about the payment practices of these establishments. The website reminds that these structures have the obligation to display their price before the conclusion of the rental contract. For your reservation, the owner will potentially request the payment of a sum of money, indicates the Radins site. However, no more than 25% of the total price of your stay is due at this imprint. In addition, the receipt of the partial payment of your reservation is completely claimable.

Pay attention to the qualification of this sum: a deposit constitutes a definitive commitment which is not recoverable. On the other hand, the deposit, in the event of cancellation, can be recovered. Finally, it is possible to pay part of the bill on your arrival, and to pay the rest only the day before your departure.

In any event, especially during busy periods, the quality of the sanitary facilities or the cleanliness of the site may be questioned. However, a campsite that does not comply with safety and hygiene standards risks closure.

If you are not satisfied with the circumstances, the formulation of a complaint with the person in charge of the premises is envisaged. If nothing is done, the town hall can take appropriate measures to restore hygiene standards.

In addition, if after consideration you believe that the quality of the services does not comply with the promise of the brochures or the website, it is possible to demand a full refund of your stay.