Camping: can you take your dog there?


In France, it is estimated that one in four households has a dog, reports

For happy owners, the presence of these four-legged friends is often a daily joy, but the question can turn into a headache when the holidays arrive.

Transport, housing, care… We often do not know what we can do, or not, with our animals at the time of departure.

For many, however, the ideal solution would be to leave with them. In 2021, 72% of French people went on vacation with their animal, most often a dog or a cat, according to a study by Zoomalia. But sometimes, the thing is impossible: many hotels, vacation rentals and even campsites still refuse the presence of their customers’ animals.

So how do you know what is allowed, or not, if you want to take your doggie in your suitcases?

At the campsite, it’s very simple: there are establishments that accept dogs, and others that refuse their presence.

So, before booking, find out beforehand by making a phone call to the establishment, and make sure that the conditions are ideal for hosting a canine on site.

The site lists, as such, many campsites in France that accept doggies.

Some establishments go even further, and offer real infrastructure (specific enclosures, veterinarian, agility games, toys available, etc.) so that dogs can spend unforgettable holidays, like their masters. The lechienvoyageur website recommends a few, such as: