Norman camembert is no longer the favorite cheese of the French, reveals a study by Kantar, published by FranceAgriMer and relayed by Réussir on August 18, 2022. The report details the consumption of dairy products in 2021, and focuses in particular on cheeses the most purchased and consumed in the country over the past year.

Emmental thus occupies first place in the ranking, with 148,757 thousand tonnes marketed in France. This simple hard cheese, which appeals to the whole family, is at the top of the podium of dairy products that we find most on the table. It is followed by Camembert, with 43,860 thousand tons sold. An honorable figure, but declining in recent years.

With 38,997 thousand tonnes sold, raclette continues to make good progress in the hearts of the French. In 2021, many of them feasted on melted cheese throughout the winter season, even causing stockouts in some stores. In fourth place in the ranking, we find mozzarella (38,545 tons), a staple of salads and pizzas, straight from Italy. Finally, let us mention the bûchette de fromage (35,923), the Comté (33,130) and the Coulommiers (31,352).

The symbolic cheese of the French terroir is therefore less and less popular in households. Indeed, if it is still second in the ranking in terms of sales volume, it is no longer part of the best sales in terms of value. In 2021, manufacturers sold 319 million euros worth of Camembert, i.e. a financial drop of -7.7%.

Conversely, sales of mozzarella and raclette are increasingly profitable, with 330 million euros for the first (5.3%) and 389 million euros for the second (2.9%). Emmental, on the other hand, offers producers the handsome sum of 1.1 billion euros (-9.9%).

Why this dislike of the French for Camembert? It would be due to the change in consumption habits that is taking shape over the years. Rather than enjoying cheese platters at the end of the meal, many households prefer to consume dairy products in salads, as a snack or included in a recipe.