in California, the want is that the companies behind the so-called “gig economy,” such as taxi drivers, apps, or maaltijdbezorgers, and their staff are now employed to treat. In the senate of the united states has a legal definition in a law. As an employee in California the right to a minimum wage, paid holidays, and paid sick leave. The issue of the status of staff by, for example, Deliveroo has also been a point of discussion.

a new law in California, it is believed, requires that people are just as self-contained and can be dealt with if their work is outside of the normal business of the company is. The law is, however, only when the governor signed it. That would soon be his.

In California, the work estimated to be more than a million people, and as a stand-alone digital platform. In addition to the significantly higher costs of the new law is also of symbolic significance. A lot of the developers of the apps for ” the gig economy, who rely on their innovative character, have their headquarters in the Silicon Valley in California, usa.

if you are a taxi app, Uber is working with the staff, from anywhere in the world as a self-employed person. However, in some countries, the company is under attack. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the second-highest court last year that the Uber drivers are actually employees.

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