CAF: the procedure to remember to preserve your rights


Every three months, recipients of social minima such as the RSA (active solidarity income), the activity bonus or the AAH (allowance for disabled adults) must update their situation with the CAF by declaring their resources, reports Free lunch. This process is mandatory in order to be able to recalculate the amount of aid received and continue to receive it.

Beneficiaries are informed by email and also sometimes by SMS when the update is available. You must not delay in making your declaration by going to the CAF website or by filling in the cerfa 14129*03 or the cerfa 14208*01 (AAH), failing which the payment of aid may be suspended. Each time, the beneficiaries have until the 25th of the last month of the quarter to declare the resources for the previous three months and thus allow the calculation of the aid for the following three months.

With each new declaration, the beneficiary is first asked to verify the information in his profile. Some of them, such as employment or marital status, are taken into account in the calculation of rights.

The beneficiary must then declare his various incomes for the last three months. This is net income before deduction of income tax. Both salaried income, non-salaried income and any alimony received must be indicated. If no income has been received in the last three months, you must then click on the “Absence of resources” box.

The beneficiary must also seize the resources of his spouse and those of his children over the age of 15. It is also necessary to declare any exceptional income (dismissal bonus, contractual termination indemnity, etc.), birth or 13th month bonuses, internship gratuities or professional training indemnities, indemnities (sickness, accident at work, maternity , paternity or adoption), retirement or invalidity pensions, non-salaried income, invested money and sums from an inheritance or gambling winnings.